Diamond Drilling Services & Concrete Drilling

We are able to core holes from 10mm to 1000mm through the toughest materials

For the past 30 years, we have delivered an outstanding Diamond Drilling service for our customers.

Diamond Drilling has become increasingly popular over recent years, due several factors such as accuracy, versatility and low noise levels. Our diamond drilling and firestopping divisions offer full-service solutions, from forming openings to sealing them for air, acoustics and fire. We also offer a competitive rate for concrete cutting, whether it be ring sawing or track sawing.

Our Diamond Drilling is a high-precision form of Core Drilling, which is typically used to cut through a range of materials such as reinforced concrete, brickwork, masonry, blockwork, marble, and terrazzo. We utilise a diamond embedded cutting face to create precisely measured holes, from 10mm to 1000mm.

Why choose GBS Contracts for your Drilling needs?

Our commercial concrete and stone drilling services enable us to cut through some of the hardest materials to create openings for services to pass through - our diamond tipped cores and blades allow us to cut through heavily reinforced concrete.

We use top-of-the-rage Hilti diamond drills which are specifically designed for high productivity to ensure a damage-free and dust-free workspace. We are CHAS, Construction Line and FIRAS accredited, alongside using the latest technology and quality equipment to deliver outstanding results.

Using state-of-the-art GPR scanners, we are able to evaluate the structural integrity of a structure before conducting drilling, and core drilling allows us to test the quality and strength of the material that we are cutting through.

At GBS we also offer wall chasing for hiding electrical cables within walls, and saw cutting to create larger openings through walls and floors.

Located in Ipswich, our team of Diamond Drilling contractors have undertaken projects all across the country, working with likes of Barnes Construction and Morgan Sindall.

If you're looking for an expert team to help with your next Diamond Drilling project, please get in touch.

What is core drilling?

Diamond core drilling is a method widely used in the construction industry with many benefits including being fast so as to help you meet deadlines and keep schedules in your construction plan. A diamond core drill is a cylindrical drill that is made of diamond with a hollow centre.

What is diamond drilling used for?

Diamond drilling is used to create precise holes throughout tough or delicate materials. The holes include large openings for ducts and small holes for wires, pipes and cabling. Holes can be created to an almost unlimited depth and can be used to analyse concrete and integrity of the structure.

What advantages does diamond drilling have over other forms of drilling?

Diamond Drilling provides a much higher level of accuracy and precision than conventional drilling. It’s also a cleaner method of drilling, as water runs through the centre of the core to eradicate dust. Diamond drilling is rotational rather than percussive so as to not damage the material face or back as it drills through.

How much does diamond drilling cost?

The cost of diamond drilling varies depending on the size of the holes required, the material drilling through and the depth of the material. Location does also play a part when pricing up or sending schedules of rates over.

Located in Ipswich, but operating nationwide, our Diamond Drilling services include:

  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Stitch Drilling
  • Wall Chasing
  • Floor chasing
  • Hydraulic Saw Cutting
  • Dust Free Cutting
  • Exploratory work
  • Robotic Brokk work
  • Floor preparation
  • Floor Grinding

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